Psychotherapy for Eating Disorders

Unfortunately eating disorders of all types have become more prevalent over recent years. Sometimes it is a passing phase and sufferers are able to move through it without professional help. Other times it begins to affect the sufferers life personally, professionally and socially and they begin to feel that the disorder is in control, this is when professional help is necessary.

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Psychology for Eating Disorders
Psychology for Eating Disorders

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If you are suffering from any kind of eating disorder it is likely that you have, at some point, been on the end of well-meaning advice from others suggesting that you “eat some more” or “join a gym”. However, you will know that is not that simple. If only it were!

If you are the parent of a child who you believe has developed an eating disorder you are probably feeling very frightened and frustrated because nothing you say seems to make a difference. The problem is, as a parent you are too close, and your emotions will often mean that tempers flare and relationships begin to show strain which then seems to make the situation worse.

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Regain control over eating

Very simply put, eating disorders are often coping mechanisms that accompany underlying unconscious and outdated belief systems. They can by very complex and deep-seated habitual behaviours and often require professional help from a psychotherapist trained in this area of expertise.

Alison is trained and experienced in evidence-based therapy for sufferers of eating disorders. Alison has worked within an NHS eating disorders service and helped many clients learn to regain control over their eating and lead much healthier, happier lives.

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Making an appointment with a counsellor can be a frightening first step to change. If you would like an informal discussion prior to deciding to make an appointment please contact Alison.

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