Relationship Therapy

Romantic relationships are rarely smooth sailing. Whilst they often begin with wonderful feelings of hope and connection, often over time and with different life stressors, couples find they get caught in negative patterns of interaction. These negative patterns might include regular arguments, hostility, shutting down, nagging, overthinking, or turning to other people or activities outside of the relationship. As time moves on, these behaviours lead to increasing amounts of disconnection between the two of you which is probably what brought you here!

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Relationship therapy
Relationship therapy

Couples Therapy

Alison and Ros are trained in emotionally focused couples therapy (EFT), a renowned therapy based on the science of attachment theory. Their couples therapy practices are based in Worthing (Alison) and Haywards Heath (Ros) and online.

"Our aim is to support you as a couple, help you understand your relationship and the current negative cycles playing out to help you re-connect and build a new and stronger bond."

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