Professional psychotherapy and relationship coaching services for individuals and couples

Although it is not always easy to ask for help, seeking therapy or coaching can be a positive step towards finding new and different ways of living and being. We at Tempo see our work as offering an opportunity to help you towards growth and change.

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Rosalind Peckham

Rosalind Peckham

BACP accredited psychotherapist and ICEEFT trained couples therapist

Ros’ psychotherapy practice is based in Haywards Heath, Mid Sussex and online. She specialises in Emotionally Focused Therapy with individuals and couples.

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Alison Bickers

Alison Bickers

BABCP accredited psychotherapist and ICEEFT certified couples therapist

Alison’s psychotherapy practice is based in Worthing, West Sussex and online. She specialises in anxiety, eating disorders and relationships.

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