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Give your Relationship a Boost

September 19, 2023
Relationship Boost:  2-day Couples therapy Intensive

If you don’t have the time to commit to weekly couples therapy sessions or want to give your relationship a jump-start, our Relationship Boost option might be just the thing for you.

Couples therapy is traditionally seen as a series of fortnightly or weekly sessions in which a couple take the time to understand their relationship and improve their bond with the help of a professional.  These ongoing sessions are invaluable for many couples. However, some couples either can’t take the regular time out of their schedules or want a quick intervention to boost their bond and help them on their way. This is where our Relationship Boosts, as we are calling them, come in.

What is involved?

Firstly we will have an initial assessment.  If we agree it’s right for you both, we will then go ahead with an 8 hour (spread over 2 days) Relationship Boost. These days will be arranged as close together as possible.

During those 2 days you and your partner will gain an improved understanding of each other and better communication. You will learn how your histories as individuals and as a couple may be impacting your relationship in the present. If any damaging communication styles are showing up, you will be helped to change these so that understanding and healing can take place.

There are 3 phases to the intensive approach: assessment, Day 1 and Day 2. During the assessment we will get a better understanding of the difficulties, what you hope to gain and whether it’s the right approach for you. Day 1 is to help you both understand the current dynamic, how your histories play a part, typical disconnecting cycles for couples and learning your own patterns.  Day 2 is to help you move through the blocks to communication and begin to understand and relate to each other in new ways. You will then be more prepared to deal with difficulties when they arise and have a healthier way to progress together.

You may find, following the Relationship Boost, you wish to move into ongoing therapy from the advantageous position of having done some intensive work on your relationship. If we don't have any space at Tempo, we will be able to signpost you to another couples therapist.

If the couple’s intensive sounds like it might help you, contact us to find out more.

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